The museum’s ‘artothèque’ art library

The artothèque invites you to establish a special relationship with contemporary art by offering to lend its collection of 1100 works.

Created on the initiative of the City of Brest and the Ministry of Culture, the artothèque opened its doors in 1983. Located in Brest city centre within the confines of the Museum of Fine Arts, it has been contributing to local artistic life for almost thirty years.

The artothèque encourages the presence of art in people’s living spaces (flats, educational establishments, offices, break rooms, etc.).  A venue for exchanges and encounters, it is a wonderful tool for transmission, since it offers a completely different type of relationship with art.  By taking art out of the places where it’s traditionally found, it creates a direct link between art and individuals.

Since 1983, people have been able to borrow a work of art in exactly the same way that they would borrow a book from the library, by presenting their Brest network membership card.  Rich and varied, the collection continues to grow each year as new works of art are added.  It bears witness to the various different artistic movements that have marked the last fifty years.  With its doors open to everyone, the artothèque invites you to come and discover its collection.

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