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True life is elsewhere ! Women artists around Marta Pan : Simone Boisecq, Charlotte Calmis, Juana Muller, Véra Pagava, Judit Reigl

27 June 2019 - 5 Januar 2020

This exhibition pays tribute to foreign women artists, born “ elsewhere ”, or outside France, who have had the courage to leave their native land to come and experience the adventure of artistic creation in France.

They have chosen abstraction as their preferred means to express this “elsewhere” that they were seeking in their art and in their lives. Voluntary exile is always a risky experience… and a productive one. For these artists, thirsting for freedom, it would become an incomparable medium for emancipation, throwing them into the unknown, perhaps in order to make themselves rely on the creative potential that is present in each and every one of us.

The six artists presented at the museum, through 46 original artworks, arrived in France between 1920 and 1950. Whether through sculpture, like Marta Pan with Les Lacs in the rue de Siam, which have become a great source of pride for the town, or through painting, collage or even poetry, they have created an unusual world with contemporary resonances, demonstrating the importance of creative works by women in the artistic reputation of France.

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